"You are enjoying your father's wealth and encouraging people to be lazy"- Twene Jonas blast Kennedy Osei (video)

“You are enjoying your father’s wealth and encouraging people to be lazy”- Twene Jonas blast Kennedy Osei (video)

Kennedy Osei, the son of Ghanaian billionaire Osei Kwame Notwithstanding, recently urged people to get enough sleep because lack of sleep is harmful to their health.

he wrote on Instagram.

“Team No Sleep!
Sleep 8hour a day and that’s 1/3 of your life.
Lazy people sleep at night.
Sleep is for the weak! Etc

Most people including myself have been victims of sharing the above statements as some sort of motivation. However, Having a deep and sound sleep is a non negotiable biological necessity and not an optional life style luxury.

The shorter your SLEEP, The Shorter your LIFE! Lack of Sleep is a source of aging and decline in the proper functioning of the brain. Sleep is a source of immune booster and a natural developing factor for every living organism.

Make the most out of your working hours and acquire a GOOD & SOUND SLEEP 🙏🏽

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Twene Jonas, on the other hand, is not pleased with Kennedy Osei’s remarks.

His answer to him is as follows:

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