TV3 Stop Sabotaging Me – Former Ghana’s Most Beautiful Contestant Drops Secrets

TV3 Stop Sabotaging Me – Former Ghana’s Most Beautiful Contestant Drops Secrets

Lamisi Sam Awinongya, who is competing for the title of TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful, has sent an emotional letter to the competition’s organizers.

In a lengthy letter, she decried the fact that TV3 has relegated the 2009 set of participants to the background.

Lamisi requested that the individuals at TV3 who have been sabotaging her stop doing so on the grounds that they do not consider her to be a “GMB.”

The participant in the 2009 GMB competition continued their appeal for clemency and forgiveness if they had committed any wrongdoing.

She stated that they aim to make effective use of the titles they hold.

Lamisi emphasized that she is in desperate need of assistance for an orphanage home that she has adopted.


Please I humbly ask what happened to 2009 group? Yes we had issues but you sidelined all of us with no explanation.

Me eh, my only problem is, I am going to look for help for my children at the Orphanage i adopted for over a decade which is the Motherly love home. Please forgive us and do not let anyone sabotage me again( there was someone who told them I am not a GMB when they call tv3 and if they are lying, I am too but I still do not get the deals). I hope I do not get served with a court case as usual.

Per even this picture, even if Nasara had issues, what about me, Enam, Yaa etc. At least just have mercy on us because our fans and families did a lot ( they spent money) . Even if you do not need Nasara and I, what about the others? Some of them do not care and some regret for joining GMB. Some good Ghanaians haven’t realised it but if they do, eb3y3 asem . You may ignore but KAMA and POSTERITY still dey oo. Shalom

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Please do not take me to court because I have nothing . I just shared what is my heart because I am human. I always call the other contestants QUEENS when I comment on anything they post because they cannot suffer for what they didn’t do .


I do not need anything but let us use our titles and acknowledge us in everything that concerns GMB. You can still kick me for this but consider the others, their fans and families. I have slept on the streets before so I know why I haven’t given up on the needy. To me, crowns are made to serve people and I have and that and that i still do. Please google my name. I can boldly say I have served and still serving( you don’t even come and cover but station like gh1 do. I have evidence which you can check on my ig LAMISIGMB)

Please do not call anyone who tags you and explain. Call me and get your FACTS and NAMES

And hey, I mistakenly shot a video for akasifuor which one old man there will mention, anyone who attended secondary school with me knew I loved dance. Can a dancer not be a Queen? I even tried to pay for the whole video to be taken down just because I didn’t know is not part of us because they didn’t tell us. Herh! I have stories oooo! It is well

All you had to do was call all of us and solve it including Nasasa. She may have an explanation.

ALLOW US USE OUR TITLES. Some of us came to use it for helping people.

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0543507272 is my number

Tv3, I will continue to share this from today. Maybe, some you forgot to ask or just got to office. For me, and if any oldie there says something else, me me the the OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEND MY GROUP .

I have over 5000 people here,kindly share this for me and please do. It can can happen to anyone