These 8 celebrities have publicly declared their love for sex.

These 8 celebrities have publicly declared their love for sex.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the stars we idolize are just people like us, with all the same needs and wants that we have. Sex desires are among these needs.

It’s become commonplace for famous people to talk about their sexual preferences in the open. While some people think they can’t live without sex, others view it as a viable option to their current way of life.

Whatever the case may be, here are eight famous people whose sexual appetites are so extreme they’re frightening.

Tracy Boakye

Tracy Boakye, an actress and socialite, is one celebrity who hasn’t been bashful about discussing her passion for sexual intimacy. She told blogger Zionfelix in 2017 that she and her now-husband could have sex every day if they wanted to.

Why not?” It’s the only thing I can do to show my appreciation for all he’s done for me, so I’ll accept it every day,” she said.

Okyeame Kwame,

Annica Nsiah Apau, the wife of artist Okyeame Kwame, became a viral sensation in 2016 after she revealed on the Delay show that she and her husband regularly engage in sexual activity, with the exception of when she is unwell, on her period, or out on tour.

“That’s one of our secrets, and I don’t know why he made it public, but yeah, if he hasn’t been away or if I haven’t been sick or on my period, we have sex every single day. She said, “We had sex even before I came on this interview.”


Socialite and actress After her feud with American adult film actor King Nazir in early 2023, Shugatiti had her moment in the spotlight.

The fight started because of comments she made about her sexual life in an interview with blogger Zionfelix.

The actress claims that she can have sex for an entire day without becoming bored.

I’m good for the entire day…I mean, obviously I can do, like, two hours and an hour. In between, we take a short break. “I just don’t tire out,” she explained.

But Shugatiti admitted that she had never had an orgasmic experience with a male.

“You can’t make me happy; I don’t get orgasm and I’ve never had cum before. Not all women have an orgasmic experience, so I questioned my doctor about it, and he said it was normal,” she emphasized.

After hearing this, King Nazir became obsessed with the idea of forcing an orgasmic experience upon her and attempted to set up a meeting with her. Something that was never filmed because it was never put into action.


Ghanaian singer Efya Nokturnal is very private, but during an interview on the Africa Magic Family TV series “@ Home with Michelle” in 2015, she admitted that sex is central to her identity and that she enjoys it.

The singer has declared her intention to remain unashamedly sexual.

She said, “My sexuality is who I am, and I love sex, and for me, that is it.”

Medial and Fella Makafui, number 5

One of the cornerstones of celebrity couple Medikal and Fella Makfui’s happy marriage is sex.

They admitted to being sex addicts and having frequent sexual encounters during a 2021 interview with Sammyflex on Zylofon TV. As a result, they have formed an unbreakable friendship.

We make a lot of noise, do a lot of business, and buy plenty of stuff together. Like a drug, I’m addicted to sex, and she is too,” the rapper said.


Edem, a rapper, became a trend because he revealed a personal preference that caused much discussion.

In an October 2023 interview with JoyPrime TV, Edem said that, instead of smoking or drinking, he enjoys having sex twice a day.

I’d rather have sex than smoke or do anything else. That, too, will be contextual, as if I’m busy traveling the world by plane, I won’t. Once or twice a day is sufficient if I’m stuck in one place for a week with nothing to do.

Nana Tornado

Emil Wood, better known by his stage name Nana Tornado, caused a stir when he said he couldn’t go more than an hour between sexual encounters. In an interview with Zionfelix from 2018, the actor revealed this.

“I get antsy if I don’t chop tonga for an hour. Eeeii, I’m a man with emotions, it’s cool.


Typically, it’s blogger Felix Mensah who manages to get private information out of famous people. In December of 2020 though, Zionfelix consented to play the other side and be interviewed by Okyeame Quophi on Angel FM.

Zionfelix declared that one of his favorite pastimes is engaging in sexual activity. Even when upset, he can still do it as often as twice a day.