Some of my family members see me as the devil - Eno Barony reveals in new video

Some of my family members see me as the devil – Eno Barony reveals in new video

Eno Barony has revealed how some family members viewed her as the devil after she entered the music industry.

The award-winning female rapper said on 3Music TV that critics thought she had given up all the religious beliefs she had learned as a child.

According to the ‘Heavy Load’ singer, she was raised to believe that piercings, perming one’s hair, and wearing trousers were all inappropriate.

“I was born without piercings. When I was in tertiary school, I got my ear pierced. They didn’t pierce me. When I go home, I don’t wear earrings, I don’t wear necklaces, and I don’t wear trousers.

“My religious background is strict, but we didn’t even have to perm our hair and stuff.” So it appears that many people now believe I am the devil. “The petty things that they want to relate to the devil are something that I don’t see as a sin,” she disclosed.

She also stated that her recent single, ‘Don’t Judge Me,’ with Bishop Duncan William’s son, Daniel Duncan-Williams, was not intended to criticize their parents, who are preachers.

Eno went on to say that she has seen preacher’s children with talents who are afraid to use them because of their families, citing herself as an example.

“Aside from myself, I have seen pastors’ children who are talented and want to do something music-wise.” “As I am, I will just say that my father is okay with me and that not everyone in my family is okay with me doing music,” she added.

Watch the interview below: