No make up face of Delay Causes confusion on social media (Watch video)

No make up face of Delay Causes confusion on social media (Watch video)

Ghanaian TV and radio host Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as “Delay,” is being bullied on the internet after going without makeup for the first time.

It is common knowledge that female celebrities hardly ever publish photos of themselves online when they are not wearing makeup.

Delay has finally solved the mystery after showing her loved ones how her natural face looks when she does not wear cosmetics.

In a short video, the businessman, now 40 years old, can be seen getting ready for an occasion.

Her team of skilled hair and makeup professionals were giving her the red carpet treatment in preparation for the video.

watch the video below:

Social Reactions.

Angela Dede Asare – She’s beautiful with or without make-up! Have several seats with your perfections!

Legendury Mineo – Despite using filters that’s how she looks?..I go fi face am man to man!!

Akyere Kimby – But wait was she crying anyway I’m asking for Efo Kormi 

Senyeabor Rapito CJ – She looks like afia but I like her. She is better educated so she understands things better

Akyere Kimby – Those saying she is still beautiful are all hypocrites mtcheeeeeewObi a mo kyi no a anka you will voice ur hearts out to say worse stuff mtcheeeeeeewSomebody said “N’ano s3 tw3 b)nee”

Elvis Anoma Junior – Gyimiii paaa nie, Akwasi bronii will forever be great and developed. How someone look in make up or without make up will not set fresh table Infront of u. You, who is living a broke life without make up think you’re beautiful without that and how more she who is living better.