Mzbel details 5 businesses she owns in Ghana

Mzbel details 5 businesses she owns in Ghana

Ghanaian singer Mzbel has revealed her business ventures outside of her music career. She owns four businesses; Bela’s Pub, Bela’s Jam Records, Bel Eye Media, and Bel Care Foundation, each catering to different aspects of society.

In an interview with JoyPrime TV, she discussed her various enterprises. The Bel Care Foundation supports orphanages and the needy. “We promote [orphanages] and send stuff to support them,” Mzbel stated.

Her second business, Bela’s Playground, is a fun space for children. “The playground is for kids to come around and play,” she explained.

Bela’s Pub is an entertainment hub where adults enjoy live music and socialize. “The pub business is where adults come to Jam and have fun,” she said.

Bela’s Eye Media is her media production company. “Bella’s Eye Media we do TV production… We shoot commercials for people and we rent media equipment,” she shared.

Lastly, Bela’s Jam Records, her record label, is currently on hold. She expressed her disappointment with the artists she managed and admitted, “I feel like maybe there’s a lot I need to learn. I’m taking time to learn about actually being a record label.”

Mzbel’s entrepreneurial spirit demonstrates her diverse talents beyond her music career.