'My boyfriend is abusive but i can't leave him because his s3x is too good"- Lady reveals

‘My boyfriend is abusive but i can’t leave him because his s3x is too good”- Lady reveals

Because of the sex, a woman has revealed anonymously that she is unable to terminate her relationship with her toxic and violent lover.

As disclosed by her, she is aware that her partner is poisonous and does not deserve her affection, but she is unable to leave his nest due to the amazing sex she gets from him.

She revealed in her private confession that whenever her toxic partner loses a bet or contract, he beats her to a coma, but the make-up sex makes her love for him grow stronger.

Maybe after she’s battered to death and reincarnates, she’ll be wise enough to find a better mate and say “goodbye” to poisonous relationships.

'My boyfriend is abusive but i can't leave him because his s3x is too good"- Lady reveals

The following are some of the most common comments received in response to the lady’s anonymous confession:

Samuel Kwakye – Sometimes I wonder the type of clay God used in the creation of these type of people, stay there you will die and people will console your family is God who gives and takes it back, meanwhile is stupidity that kills you

Maku Matey – Instead of teaching girls to work and be self sufficient, parents and religious bodies teach girls how to be submissive so they can get a man no wonder these girls accept any man that comes their way.Eg is the above gyimie like this aa and the year has ended

Teeny Mini – That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve heard

Wonder Gh – Just imagine my sister telling me this nonsense, I’ll be in jail, she will be in the hospital.

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Sis Ephya Nyuimedi – Eerrrh sister nie. It’s all about sex nkoor. Continue enduring madam endurance i hail you