'Men only want to sleep with me, I can't find true love because of my big nyἇsh'- Lady cries

‘Men only want to sleep with me, I can’t find true love because of my big nyἇsh’- Lady cries

The truth is that modern women want curvy bodies for reasons that are best known to them. To those who were naturally born, all is well.

Some people go to extreme lengths, including having plastic surgery for augmentation. This is due to the fact that large buttocks, large boobs, and curved hips are today’s priceless minerals.

So it should come as no surprise that the majority of our modern female population chases after cosmetics to look attractive and in form.

However, Vera, a rising movie star, is fortunate to have it all without stress. She has unadulterated buttocks.

Vera said in an interview that her sick form, or curvy figure, makes it hard for her to get close to real, good-hearted men.

She thinks that every man who has approached her just wanted to taste the devil between her legs and then dumped her for obvious reasons.

In other words, it’s quite challenging for women or men of her caliber to find compatible dates that will result in marriage.

see her photos below.


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