Lady Heartbroken at Airport as Her Dad's Corpse Arrives From Abroad (watch video)

Lady Heartbroken at Airport as Her Dad’s Corpse Arrives From Abroad (watch video)

An emotional video of Jahnelle Hart’s trip to the airport to get her father’s body after he died unexpectedly abroad has gone viral on social media.

The young woman drove to the airport to meet the body of her dad, who had flown in from another country while the video was being recorded for TikTok.

Her father, whose name was Donnavan Hart, passed away when he was forty years old under mysterious circumstances.

Jahnelle voiced her dissatisfaction with the fact that she had not been able to welcome her father in the manner that she had envisioned.

After that, she shared a video that showed some people digging the grave where he will be buried, and shortly after that, Donnavan was laid to rest.

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Social media reactions

“Deepest condolences to you and your family. try to stay strong for one another.”

“Sorry for ur lost… May the good Lord comfort you and the entire family… it’s well dear.”

“My sis ex dad died in another country. To ship him back was pricey. So they cremated him & bought him back over.”

“I know how you feel. I went through this in April and watching this is bringing tears to my eyes. Sorry you had to go through this.”

“Condolences to you and your families friends and loved ones near nd far in this time of breavement…..stay strong.”

CeCe said:

”Work at the airport and it’s so scary to handle these documents like no one should ever go through this. my condolences.”