"It Hurts, My marriage lasted only 3 months": Beautiful Nigerian Lady cries while deleting her wedding photos

“It Hurts, My marriage lasted only 3 months”: Beautiful Nigerian Lady cries while deleting her wedding photos

A Nigerian woman who goes by the name Bolaghold caused a stir on social media after she disclosed that her marriage, which is only three months old, is on the verge of dissolving.

When Bolaghold shared photos from her traditional and court wedding ceremonies on TikTok, she made sure that her estranged husband’s face was covered with a crying emoji.

In a following post, Bolaghold said that the solution to one problem cannot be found by solving two other problems.

She also stated in the video that just because a woman is pregnant does not mean that she and her partner need to get married.

In the section for comments, she made a commitment to the internet users that she would, at some point in the future, discuss the events that ultimately led to the dissolution of her marriage.

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Social media reactions

“Thank God I wasn’t allowed to marry my baby daddy 14 years ago.. even dou I was blindly in Love, after I gave birth he changed totally. now am blessed.”

“I was pregnant for this guy and i was forced to get married to him Buh I said no. Long story short I had mis*carriage and he showed his true color.”

“What happen God doesn’t bless you with marriage for 3 month in fact he does not want divorce unless if you bring another man between you and your husb.”

“The hardest part of marriage is the forst 12 months.”

“Omo abeg make owner rest my mate they do make I do does he really love you do you really love him make owner clam down oo.”

”So sorry dear but is better now than when kids are involved, universal will send u your soul mate watch.”