I'm Ghana’s Wealthiest And Most Prominent Socialite - Moesha Boduong Says In New Video

I’m Ghana’s Wealthiest And Most Prominent Socialite – Moesha Boduong Says In New Video

It is impossible to determine whether Moesha Boduong has truly changed his ways or is simply attempting to expand his sphere of influence by asserting that the Holy Spirit has intervened in her life.

She is said to have “repented,” but in the time since then, she has made a number of statements that call into question whether or not she ever felt regret.

The socialite, on the other hand, has been quoted in an audio tape that has gained widespread attention. She asserts that she is still Ghana’s wealthiest socialite despite competition from others.

Her comments were an attempt to demonstrate to her detractors that she was still in control of the situation, that she was making a lot of money, and that she would continue to do so in the future.

In the same recording, the actress and socialite boasted that she is ready to make Ghanaian ladies green with envy.

In the video, Moesha can be heard repeating the following:

“Guys, I am going to make every woman in Ghana jealous not only Ghana but every part of the world, and you guys are not going to be having the same Moesha you guys used to have.

All my haters, all loved ones, and everybody that has secretly wished me to fail, secretly wish me to lose everything, secretly wish me not to be the best version of myself and wished me not to be the perfect Moesha, God has really changed my story.

I am still the richest wealthiest socialite in the world. You guys are going to be blown away with my performances this Christmas and don’t hesitate to call me”.

Watch her video below;

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