"I was never happy in my marriage"- Nayas revealed why she moved from

“I was never happy in my marriage”- Nayas revealed why she moved from

Nayas moved to Ghana from Germany after divorcing Nana Sarfo Kantanka, whom she claims brought her nothing but disgrace and suffering.

In a video she made, Nayas stated that she was never truly deported from Germany, but rather returned to Ghana when her marriage broke down.

A heartbroken Nayas stated once more that her estranged husband did not fund her travel expenses, so she sold her own car and camera to travel to Germany but had to return home empty-handed.

Regardless, Nayas addressed her husband’s unjust treatment of her, which she claimed would have killed her.

“I was roaming the streets of Hamburg like a homeless woman, one with no family. What wrong did I do? My marriage just brought me shame…how can women marry if their husbands turn against them, and disgrace them? As a husband, you forgot how I stood beside you on your sick bed. You were always taking new girls on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. You couldn’t appreciate me.

“I want to inform all my loved ones that I am back in Ghana by the grace of God. I arrived in peace, special thanks to all those who reached out to me and promised assistance, over 400 individuals. Thanks to all those who supported me with prayers. God bless you all…my pastor told me to come back home to avert death. He could have just wasted my life. Kofi Sarfo what wrong did I do to you?” the actress quizzed.