"I want to stop stealing but I can’t," woman cries for help after husband kicked her out

“I want to stop stealing but I can’t,” woman cries for help after husband kicked her out

A woman based in Kumasi is grappling with the consequences of her kleptomaniac tendencies, which has led to her husband ousting her from their home. The woman, now in her mid-twenties, confessed to having been a compulsive thief since she was a 15-year-old Junior High School student.

Initially, she had assumed her thieving tendencies were merely a result of youthful curiosity. However, now as an adult, she finds the problem has escalated. In a heart-wrenching interview with Nhyira FM Obra, she admitted that she has an insatiable urge to steal, particularly petty items, irrespective of whether she needs them or not.

“During school, I frequently stole from my teachers. If they left money or belongings unattended, I would seize the opportunity. Now, I’ve escalated to shoplifting. I even steal from people I’m close to. Whenever someone isn’t looking, I feel an irresistible urge to steal something,” she confessed.

The distraught woman approached the Obra show in a state of despair, seeking help for her compulsive stealing behavior. The woman, who couldn’t hold back tears during the interview, is hoping to find a solution to her problem.