I Want To Give Up – Lady Working In UK As Cleaner Cries Out (VIDEO)

I Want To Give Up – Lady Working In UK As Cleaner Cries Out (VIDEO)

A young lady from Nigeria who is living in the UK has shared a sad story as she goes through an emotional breakdown.

The woman shared one of the challenges she faced while living in a European country in a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the video, she revealed that she works as a cleaner. She said that the stress of her job causes her to cry her eyes out on a regular basis.

She sobs while pointing out that living in another country is not always as perfect as people think it is going to be for them. She has been working in a foreign country, and contrary to what people in her home country believe, she has not found the experience enjoyable.

Her words, “This is me going to the toilet at work to cry my eyes out, cause the job is too stressful that I want to give up. Everyone abroad is struggling. There is no enjoyment here like everyone thinks. God bless.”

Watch the video below:


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