"I prayed to God for 5 years for my wife to change"- Agradaa's husband speaks

“I prayed to God for 5 years for my wife to change”- Agradaa’s husband speaks

The husband of fetish priestess Born Patricia Asiedu, has spoken out about his wife’s conversion to Christianity.

Pastor Eric Oduro-Koranteng said he had been praying and waiting for his wife to abandon her idol worship and join him in worshiping God.

The man of God went on to state that he had prayed to God for 5 years on his knees with other men of God in order to enter Nana Agradaa’s heart.

He said that several people chastised him and that he was repeatedly mocked for marrying Agradaa despite the fact that she was a conventional priestess.

His wife’s traditionalist beliefs, he said, did not make her any less of a woman or human being, but he understood what he wished to do by marrying her.

“When you listened outside you would’ve heard people insulting me asking why I am married to a fetish priestess as a pastor.Being a fetish priest did not mean she was less of a human. These are the people God wants to do his work”,Pastor Oduro-Koranteng is reported to have said.

He went on to say that although his Christian beliefs and scriptures forbade bigotry, he was certain that his prayers for his wife would be answered one day.

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