"I have had abortions for my pastor" – Young Lady Reveals.

“I have had abortions for my pastor” – Young Lady Reveals.

A young lady speaks on Akoma FM about a Ghanaian base pastor who took her as a girlfriend and promised to move her outside the country.

According to the young lady, she slept with preacher multiple times and conceived four times. At the end of it all, each pregnancy was terminated, and the young lady blended abundantly on all occasions, roughly 3 weeks apart.

She further discussed how the man of god was having extra affairs while they were still dating yet she felt no need to leave him only to be dumped later.

” The pastor sometimes brings his girlfriends to the house. Some of them do stay for about 3 days before leaving the house. I get hurt by his actions, but I don’t have a say.”

“He promised to send me outside the country and helped me to secure a job. After all these difficulties and challenges, I have been through, the pastor did not fulfill his promise. He dumped me”. – Young Lady admits.

"I have had abortions for my pastor" – Young Lady Reveals.
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