"I Am not a musician stop tagging me with Ebony"- Lady with Ebony's voice speaks.

“I Am not a musician stop tagging me with Ebony”- Lady with Ebony’s voice speaks.

After a young lady who bore a striking resemblance to the late singer Ebony opened her mouth to speak, social media users could not believe their ears.

The unidentified woman posted a video on tiktok asking her fans to avoid calling her a copycat of Ebony. The sound of the lady was identical to that of the deceased singer.

She said in the video that she has been speaking in this manner since she was able to form sentences as a child, and that she is not imitating Ebony to gain attention.

The lady also said that she was not a singer and that anyone who asked her to sing Ebony’s songs should refrain from doing so, but she did sing Ebony’s “Poison,” which sent chills down the spines of many viewers.

Please tell us if this is indeed Ebony who has reincarnated or taken possession of this lady in the comments section below.

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