Groom caught staking bet during wedding in church (video)

Groom caught staking bet during wedding in church (video)

A man was seen staking a bet on his phone at his wedding, probably trying to make up for some of the costs of his expensive ceremony.

On the day of his wedding, the Nigerian man was seen betting a lot of money on sports with his phone.

While his bride danced happily by herself at the wedding reception, the man kept checking his betting site to see what was going on.

The bride was enjoying the music while celebrating her big day on the dance floor with her bridesmaids and friends, while the groom was sitting down and completely focused on the wager.

Some Internet users asserted that he was making any effort to reclaim the funds used for the wedding arrangements, while others conjectured that he had a gambling addiction and lacked self-control.

watch the video below;


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