'Don't be too quick to judge, Hajia4real might be innocent'- Arnold Asamoah

‘Don’t be too quick to judge, Hajia4real might be innocent’- Arnold Asamoah

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, a critic of the entertainment industry in Ghana, has called on his countrymen to maintain their composure in the wake of Hajia4Real’s arrest.

Hajia4Real, a socialite and singer from Ghana, was reportedly detained in the United Kingdom in connection with an alleged $8 million fraud in the United States. Reports indicate that Hajia4Real has been placed on a “red list” by American authorities due to the her involvement in fraudulent activities.

This comment was made by Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo after a member of the Ghana Music Awards UK team confirmed that Ghanaian socialite Hajia4Real had been arrested in the United Kingdom.

Arnold believes that it is too soon to pass judgment on Hajia4Real, particularly given that the full circumstances surrounding the incident have not yet been made public. 

“Do you remember when Daasebre was arrested? It was all over. A week or two after I admonished Ghanaians to slow down on the case, Daasebre was released back to Ghana. So I will plead with Ghanaians on how they are reacting to the issue, especially on Twitter,” he stated.

“Let us take our time and wait for the details of the matter before we run commentary and jump to conclusions. Because some of the comments will be really uncouth for close allies of Hajia4Real,” he explained.