'Diana Asamoah sleeps with men in Buses after preaching'- Captain Smart

‘Diana Asamoah sleeps with men in Buses after preaching’- Captain Smart

Diana Asamoah, a gospel artist, has been accused of sleeping with men in cars by Captain Smart.

It would appear that Diana Asamoah and Captain Smart have gotten into a fight, as Captain Smart takes out his frustration on Diana Asamoah.

The rantings of Captain Smart came after Diana Asamoah, in a recent interview with blogger ZionFelix, criticized Captain Smart and referred to him as the “father of falsehoods.”

Diana Asamoah further accused the ONUA TV host of stealing a married woman from her husband, squandering her money, and then leaving her for another woman.

It would appear that Diana Asamoah’s attack on Captain Smart did not sit well with him, as he took to his show on Onua TV to lambaste Diana, stating that she sleeps with men in cars and commercial buses after preaching.

Additionally, Captain Smart asserted that Diana Asamoah had s3x with men in unfinished buildings.

watch the video below.

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