Charlotte Osei for the first time flaunts her pretty 86-year-old mother in new photos

Charlotte Osei, the former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), shared a special photo with her mother Charlotte Kesson.

In the photo, the former EC manager is seen with her mother at what appears to be a funeral. Charlotte Osei is clad in a black dress with white flower-like patterns in the photo spotted by

The mother, on the other contrary, was dressed in a ‘kaba and slit’ of black and white ( in mourning cloth style).

The mother and daughter were beaming as they posed for the photo, holding each other.

Charlotte Osei revealed they were both Charlotte Kesson by posting the photo on her Instagram website.

She also asked her fans to guess how many years she and her mother have spent on this planet together.

Despite the fact that several people made several predictions, the former EC boss stated that no one had gotten the answer correct.

She mentioned that her age and her mother’s combined age is 138 years and 11 months.

Charlotte’s mother must be 86 years old now, based on her answer and the fact that she celebrated her 52nd birthday in February.

see their photo below;

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