Buddy RoRo Dеfеnds Gospеl Singеr Joycе Blеssing's Choicе to Pеrform Sеcular Artist's Song

Buddy RoRo Dеfеnds Gospеl Singеr Joycе Blеssing’s Choicе to Pеrform Sеcular Artist’s Song

Buddy RoRo, an award-winning music producer, has voiced his support for gospel singer Joycе Blеssing, amidst criticism for her choice to perform a song written by secular artist Kuami Eugene. In a recent interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM, RoRo contended that the quality of the song and the intent behind it is what matters most in the eyes of God.

The renowned producer disagreed with those who questioned Blessing’s decision, stating “God doesn’t look at humans and even some of the pastors confess that in the beginning, they were thieves but now God is using them.” He suggested that the relationship between an artist and God is personal and complex and cannot be judged solely on their genre of music.

RoRo further argued that the focus should not be a debate on the religious sincerity of secular artists, but rather on the spiritual impact of the music itself. He cited the example of Lord Kenya, a formerly secular artist who is now a pastor.

“I wish we can put a stop to it because it’s not an issue for Kuami Eugene to write a song for Joyce Blessing,” RoRo concluded, urging critics to focus on the music and its message rather than the author’s religious affiliations.