Asantewaa Is A Liar and A Fraud – Trouble Carlos Calls Her Out Over Missing 300k (Video)

Asantewaa Is A Liar and A Fraud – Trouble Carlos Calls Her Out Over Missing 300k (Video)

Trouble Carlos, an irate social media user and content creator for Tiktok, has lashed out at Asantewaa in response to a recent tale that involved her and an alleged structure that was never constructed.

According to rumors that surfaced earlier this week, Asantewaa is said to have provided her close friend and YOLO star Eyram with the sum of GHC 300,000 in order for him to construct a home for her.

According to the allegations, Eyram misappropriated the monies and has nothing to show for it.

According to the article, Asantewaa had an unwavering level of trust in her buddy and as a result, she never requested any progress reports regarding her building. As a result, she is completely taken aback by the present situation.

Trouble Carlos, in response to the news, stated that there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that the report is accurate.

According to him, Asantewaa is a liar and a con artist, and she and her companion have gotten together to concoct a story in order to garner the sympathies of the general public.

Carlos asserts that all they want is for it to appear that Asantewaa has lost a significant amount of money so that some generous “big men” will give her a significant amount of money, which she will then split with her buddy.

Carlos stated that there is no possible way that someone could be building and not take the time to go have a look at what is happening on the site. He said this with complete confidence.

Using himself as an example, he explained that he now has a project underway in Ghana, and despite the fact that his mother is in charge of it, he insists on receiving regular project updates.

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You can watch Carlos dismantle Asantewaa in the video below…