23 year old man steals his uncle's Ghc 10,000 and leaves a note for him (see details)

23 year old man steals his uncle’s Ghc 10,000 and leaves a note for him (see details)

Kwame Gabriel, who is 23 years old and lives in Assin Fosu, is accused of stealing his stepfather’s iPhone and 9,500 Ghana cedis.

He is said to have written a letter to justify his dishonesty on the thefts.

In an interview with Angel FM Reporter Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack, the victim, Mr. Kwakye Joseph, a private security employee in Assin Fosu, stated that he was offered 10,000 Ghana cedis by a friend to save.

But he does sleep in the same bed as his nephew Kwame Gabriel, who is his brother’s child. Mr. Kwakye realized on Thursday that the amount of money he had retained had been reduced by 9,500 Ghana cedis.

The  juvenile had left a letter attesting to his involvement in the crime leaving behind 500ghc that was included within the bag.

“Hi daddy, so all this while you have been keeping such huge money in this room whiles we suffer in poverty. I sincerely plead for forgiveness for the reason that I have taken your money. I know it’s painful but bear with me. I am pleading with you to keep calm because I shall one day present to you more than the money I have taken. I pray to God to grant you long life for I shall turn your sorrows into joy. The most painful of it all is about how you have refused to give me one cedi all this one to purchase water”.

In the meantime, Mr. Kwakye claims that the 9,500 Ghana cedis that Kwame Gabriel stole is going to be spent on a connection or a transaction that will take him to Dubai, and that all efforts to locate this boy have been fruitless.

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Mr. Kwakye, who was the victim of the crime, has filed a report with the Assin Fosu District Police about the incident and is requesting that Kwame Gabriel be arrested so that he may get his money back.

23 year old man steals his uncle's Ghc 10,000 and leaves a note for him (see details)